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Holy Mao

Mao Jian Green Tea | 2.5oz - 70g 25-30 CUPS

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The Really Good Stuff

3 top shelf teas for when you want a treat.

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  • Energy Without Jitters
  • All Natural
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Right to Your Door

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The Details

Mao Jian is a daily favourite of ours, so we wanted only the best. We landed on Classic China Green tea at its absolute finest. The aroma of freshly sauteed vegetables carries through into the cup with a balanced astringency, gentle but lively flavour.


100% Mao Jian Green Tea


✓ Green tea has caffeine that provides a smooth and sustained boost of energy without the jitters or sweats.
✓ An antioxidant powerhouse.


Mornings as a gentle breakfast tea to start your day off with energy

How To Steep

1. Add 1 tbsp. of Holy Mao to your Firebelly Tea Infuser
2. Pour warm water (75˚C/170˚F) over your leaves
Note: Don’t pour boiling water over green tea, it will come out bitter. Let the water cool a bit before.
3. Steep for 3-5 minutes
Note: 3 minutes will give you a delicate, fragrant cup with a light body; 5 minutes will give you a fuller bodied, vegetal taste
4. Remove your infuser and enjoy the perfect cup