We Care About Mother Earth

We take sustainability seriously, which is why we sourced compostable resealable bags for our tea.

How We’re Committed to the Environment
  • 1. 100% home compostable resealable tea pouches

  • 2. Reusable tea accessories

  • 3. Loose-leaf tea has less packaging than tea sachets

  • 4. Recyclable display boxes

  • All Natural Tea & Packaging.
    US vs. THEM

    We led the way, and we're still one of the only tea brands using home compostable and plastic-free packaging. We did it because it matters, and it's the right thing to do. We were able to do it without any concessions because we don't use any added flavorings in our teas, which can sometimes interfere with the eco-friendly glues. Turns out the best quality, real ingredients, and sustainability just go together.


    The resealable pouches that our teas are packaged in are home compostable, and will degrade in your garden’s compost area within one year (faster if you want to send them to your city’s industrial composting center).