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Let's talk tea. From traditional wholesale to exclusive tea blends, we're ready to team up with you.

Set Yourself Apart

We're not your average tea supplier. Good thing, because "average" isn't what you want to offer your customers.

Our teas are made with only real ingredients and never any added flavorings – something that's almost unheard of among tea distributors. Our flavors develop in the cup, becoming more complex with each sip and bringing customers back for more. Our premium quality and organic ingredients contain none of the unlisted preservatives and other additives that come with flavorings.

To complete the experience, your store can offer our a full range of bespoke tea accessories. Co-designed by our own experts and celebrated New York-based product designer Joe Doucet, each accessory is loaded with smart features and designed with a modern sensibility that will catch eyes in your store.

Your Premium Loose Leaf Tea Supplier

Exceptional tea is a game-changer, and we've set out to share it with the world. We work closely with your team to create the perfect wholesale tea experience for you.

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About Our Teas

Our range of loose leaf tea is carefully curated to include rare and exceptional teas as well as unique tea blends and herbal infusions developed by the best in the business. From the finest matcha to high-end black tea, green tea, oolong and rooibos tea, and chai tea to exceptional herbal teas, we've hunted down the best of the best. Only real ingredients like ginger, chamomile, vanilla pods, chocolate, and other fruits, herbs, and spices are used in every tea and tisane in our collection. We're about teas that nourish the body and make you feel better with every cup.


    Curate the perfect assortment from our wide selection of organic loose leaf teas, tea accessories, and gift bundles.


    Core teas are available in a low minimum order, so you can stock quantities that suit your business.


    We'll set your team up with a Product Knowledge Guide and are happy to do on-site staff tea tastings and product training.


    Premium, award-winning teas and tea accessories at reasonable costs. Bulk tea pricing is available.


    Our team is happy to serve tea samples in-store while your customers shop. Encourage a purchase with delicious samples.


    Need a little extra support? We're happy to help with POP signage or offer merchandising resources.

Can I stock Firebelly Tea in my restaurant, cafe, spa, hotel, etc.?

You can, and we would love that. Our exceptional black tea, green tea, herbal blends, and more are perfect to enhance the guest experience in cafes, restaurants, spas, etc. Fill out our contact form to get more information.

Can I stock Firebelly Tea in my office for employees?

Absolutely. Buy tea for the office and see how caffeine from green tea and black tea can help productivity, focus, and calm without the jitters and anxiety that too much coffee can create. Fill out our contact form to start the conversation.

Does Firebelly Tea offer gifts?

That's a big yes. Our high-end, design-forward loose leaf tea and tea accessories are perfect for gifting platforms. Ask about our curated examples of loose leaf tea and tea accessory bundles.

What makes Firebelly Tea different?

A few main differences make us like no one else. First, we do not use any added flavorings in our loose leaf tea, something that is almost unheard of in the industry. We believe real ingredients trump fake flavorings (including "natural" flavorings) and that's why we've blended our tea leaves with only real, high-quality organic ingredients. We also believe in the power of beauty and the effect of simple, meaningful rituals. Our design-forward packaging and modern accessories make the experience of steeping and drinking loose leaf tea even better. Built on decades of tea experience, our full line of tea accessories is loaded with smart, functional features.

Is Firebelly Tea a sustainable tea brand?

Glad you asked – sustainability is really important to us. Our tea pouches are 100% home-compostable and display boxes are recyclable. Our accessories are made with materials like glass, ceramic, and silicone. Our tea is blended in a ClimatePartner Climate Neutral certified facility.

 Is it cheaper to buy tea in bulk?

We offer bulk loose leaf tea discounts for businesses looking for bulk teas. Ask about bulk discounts for green tea, black teas, caffeine free teas and matcha.

Are your teas organic?

All of our core teas are organic. We source organic tea leaves from the best tea gardens in the world and develop our tea recipes using organic ingredients.