Every day at 3:20, we pause for our daily
tea ritual.

Rituals help us add structure to our daily lives. They are a simple task that has a surprising impact on our mind and body connection. For us that ritual is making a cup of tea in the afternoons, and we set a time for it every day. 

Why 3:20?

The best way to stick with a ritual is by being intentional with it. 3:20 is that time for us. It’s a time to pause, make a cup of tea, and do something for ourselves every day. Because if we don’t take care of ourselves, we won’t be able to serve others.

/THrē ˈTwen(t)ē/


A daily, shameless, 20-minute minimum ritual at 3:20 with tea (or not), that gives you permission to self-care however you see fit.

It’s time to get selfish for the greater good.

Observed by the counter-culture, tech-heads, entrepreneurs, smartphone reduceatarians, and defenders of original thought. 320 faithfuls are unified under the philosophy of: Take care of yourself, so you can take care of others.

Your 320 is a Time to

1. Practice self-care by doing something for yourself every day. When you take that time to reset, you’ll be better fit to take on your day.


2. Add structure to your day with a ritual that’s beneficial for both your mind and body; teaching yourself discipline and the power of consistency.


3. Experience the grounding tradition of making a cup of loose-leaf tea. Cultures old and new benefit from this calming ritual.


4. Pause, reflect, and rejuvenate. The problem with living in a fast-paced culture is we don’t set aside enough time to do this important task.

The Origin Story

In March of 2014, three North Americans took a 3-day weekend at a local mountain town to reflect and take stock in their lives. Davina, 27, a graphic design studio owner who boasts a tattoo on her right arm, ‘NAPS WILL SAVE THE WORLD’. Ayo, 26, an entrepreneur and dog lover. Philip, 27, an IT specialist and vinyl record buff. The three friends have been inseparable since elementary school. Early in their professional careers they began noticing how demanding modern day life was becoming, and the result was an overall feeling of imbalance. They sighted the growing number of things to do in a normal day, how much they were being asked to pay attention to the world, and the smartphone availability and dependence was all adding up. More importantly, was this rising trend something to be concerned about.


Towards the end of the relaxing weekend, the A-ha moment on how to respond to this imbalance hit them all at once. It took place over a plate of nachos and some chai tea, and they decided to call it 320. A promise to each other to take 20 minutes for themselves, everyday at 3:20pm. No calls, no work, no responsibilities, no exceptions. Whatever they wanted to do during 320 was what they would do. 


Davina, Ayo, and Phillip concluded that if the world needed them during 320. Well, the world would just have to wait – for 20 minutes that is. The founders have not missed a 320 in nine years and counting. 


In the summer of 2014, Ayo famously left a dream job video interview by abruptly shutting his laptop, making a tea, and walking his dogs, Sandstorm and JoJo, around his neighbourhood reservoir at precisely 3:20pm. The feeling of power Ayo experienced during that specific 320 was pure freedom. The world is his during the twenty minutes and has had positive ripple effects throughout his life. Ayo ended up getting that dream job after the superiors understood what 320 was all about. What's more, the daily ritual is also now practised company wide.


In the spring of 2017, Davina walked from her best friend's wedding photo session while bridesmaids screamed and pleaded for her to come back. Unphased, Davina would disappear into the neighbouring parking lot to take a twenty minute blissful nap in her car. Davina relishes the 320 challenges so much that she almost looks forward to them. “She became a legend that day, not caring doesn’t even come close to describing her dedication to the 320 shield. Davina is a dedicated boss, leader, and dear friend to many 23 plus hours of the day – but at 320, she simply doesn’t give a shit and that’s how she’s able to be so inspiring to others” remarked Ayo.


Unlike the razzle dazzle of his two closest friends, Phillip, is the 320 everyman, the lunch-pailer. A work from home IT specialist, He’s made tea, and put on a record every afternoon since returning with his friends from the long weekend for eight years and counting. The streak is up to 2,881 and shows no signs of slowing down. If he travels for work, or vacation, he packs a portable record player, his favourite teas, and only the vinyl he needs.


Davina, Ayo, and Phillip remain mentors to many, and the three hold the 320 torch for the world to make sure we practice self-care, remain grounded in ourselves, and keep our relationship with everything in perfect balance.

This whole story is true. Except for the parts that are totally made up.