Don’t Be Fooled By the First Sip.

Here's why real ingredients matter.

There’s no question about it, teas with added flavorings hit big on that first sip. 

They immediately activate your taste buds and trick your brain into tasting something that isn’t there. But much like chewing watermelon gum – after a few chews you don’t feel so great and realize it isn’t the same as eating actual watermelon.

Those flavorings – artificial, “natural”, or otherwise – not only contain unlisted preservative and additives but they overpower with one note, and by the end of the cup dull your taste buds.

It would be like playing middle C repeatedly on a piano – sounds great once or maybe twice but it isn’t a full song.

Real ingredients develop in the cup and become more complex with each sip. Teas with real ingredients leave you feeling better with each cup.

We’re all about real ingredients, real flavors, and creating teas you can enjoy every day.

The Process.

It takes time and effort to blend our teas without falling back on manufactured flavorings. And that's just the way we like it.


Our ingredients are sourced from the finest suppliers all over the world.


There's "good enough" and then there's great. We taste test, tweak, then test again until we find The One.


We don't just keep it real, we keep it clean. That means hunting down organic alternatives. It means using freeze-dried fruits over sugar-dried options. It means no unlisted preservatives or other additives.

Our Origin Story

Founded by David Segal (co-founder of DAVIDsTEA) and Harley Finkelstein (president of Shopify), Firebelly Tea was created with the belief that these times call for tea. Particularly high-quality tea made with 100% real ingredients in compostable packaging.

David absolutely loves tea. And he collects it like some people collect wine. Harley, like many of us, was finding that coffee in the afternoon made him feel jittery and impacted his sleep. So David set Harley up with some incredible green teas that gave him sustained energy in the afternoons, without any of the jitters and side effects. A new tea lover was born, and so was an idea.

The friends teamed up to curate and blend incredible teas without any of the “flavourings” - artificial, “natural”, or otherwise – that are common in most tea brands and contain a slew of unlisted preservatives.

They went the extra mile (as they tend to do) and developed a bespoke line of modern tea accessories full of smart features.

Great tea is timeless - not only does it have countless proven health benefits, but it helps you energize in the morning or afternoon, and rest and digest in the evenings.

Firebelly Tea brings exceptional teas to the modern tea drinker in a design-forward way to enhance the tea experience.