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Meet Your Matcha

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The Details

Not your average Matcha starter pack. Our incredibly creamy, ceremonial-grade Matcha comes with a powerful whisk and an elevated Matcha Bowl to froth the perfect cup while eliminating splashes.

Matcha Bowl

Fearlessly froth your Matcha. Our elevated Firebelly Matcha Bowl design froths the perfect cup of Matcha while eliminating splashes.

Stainless Steel Whisk

If matcha tea is judged by its froth, then this electric whisk will elevate your matcha to unsurpassed levels of bubbly creaminess. Also, your wrist won't hurt so much.

All Matcha

We chose this Ceremonial-Grade Japanese Matcha for its unforgettable creamy character. It’s fresh and earthy with a hint of sweet umami and an amazing, natural creaminess.