Big Red
antioxidants energy
20-25 CUPS
  • Rare Chinese tea famous for complex flavors and aromas.
  • Provides smooth, sustained energy.
  • Crafted with 100% pure ingredients. No added sugar, flavorings, preservatives, or anything else.
  • Antioxidants protect cells and reduce inflammation.
  • Makes 20-25 cups.
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The Details

Every year, we search out a Big Red Robe that has those incredibly complex aromas and flavor profiles the tea type is famous for. This selection has everything we would want in a Big Red Robe, and is just the right amount of roasty. One of China’s finest, this is a rare and wonderful find.


100% Big Red Robe Chinese Oolong Tea. | 2.1oz - 60g


✓ Oolong tea provides a smooth boost of energy.
✓ Oolong tea may boost metabolism and increase the number of calories your body burns.
✓ Oolong tea contains antioxidants that may improve heart health.
✓ Oolong tea promotes tooth and bone strength.

How To Steep

You can get 3-4 steeps out of oolong teas.

1. Add 1 tbsp. of Big Red to your Firebelly Tea Strainer.
2. Pour slightly below boiling water (90˚C/195˚F) over your leaves.
3. Use the following steep times in succession: 3 minutes (1st steep), 4 minutes (2nd steep), 6 minutes (3rd steep), 8 minutes (4th steep).
If you only want one steep out of the leaves, steep for 5-6 minutes.
4. Remove your strainer after each steep and enjoy the perfect cup.

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  • Certified Organic
  • Sustained Energy
  • No Flavorings
  • Packed With Antioxidants
  • Compostable Pouch