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Flower Power

Organic Jasmine Green Tea | 3.5oz - 100g 30-35 CUPS

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Green Means Go

3 green teas to keep you going through the day.

$37.95 AUD

  • USDA Certified organic
  • Energy Without Jitters
  • All Natural
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Right to Your Door

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The Details

We love Jasmine teas; the scent is intoxicating, and the flavour is sharp, lively, and invigorating. In recent years however, Jasmine teas have become more about the aroma and less about the overall flavour of the green tea. With that in mind, we decided to blend a very fragrant Jasmine tea with an equally delicious and vegetal green tea—the result is well balanced, fragrant and delicious.


Chinese Green Tea, Jasmine Leaves


- Bursting with antioxidants.
- Green tea provides a smooth and sustained boost of energy.
- Promotes good oral health (“good” and “oral” should always be in the same sentence).


Afternoons with lunch when you need a natural boost of energy

How To Steep

1. Add 1 tbsp. of Flower Power to your Firebelly Tea Infuser.
Note: If you pre-warm your infuser with hot water (then discard the hot water), you'll get a more fragrant cup.
2. Pour warm water (75˚C/170˚F) over your leaves.
Note: Don’t pour boiling water over green tea, it will come out bitter. Let the water cool a bit before.
3. Steep for 2-3 minutes.
Note: To get the best taste, opt for a shorter steep. All the caffeine and flavour you need will come through in the first few minutes. A longer steep will leave you with a bitter cup.
4. Remove your infuser and enjoy the perfect cup

1. Follow all of the HOT steps but use 2 tsps. instead
2. Pour over ice