• Best Times to Drink Different Teas

Best Times to Drink Different Teas

Best Times to Drink Different Teas - Firebelly Tea

There is a time for everything, and that is especially true when it comes to drinking tea. The time of day, time of year and types of feelings are all contributing factors to making a good cup of tea, a great one. 

In this article, we go through all the times to drink all the types of teas so you can be inspired to find the perfect cup for the moment. 

Best Time To Drink Black Tea, Green Tea, and Herbal Tea

As we know, tea contains caffeine, which increases your energy. At the beginning of a sluggish or slow morning, the right beverage can do wonders in terms of rehydrating you after sleeping for several hours, and it can also get the brain going, helping to set the tone for a productive day.

After a full night’s rest, the body becomes dehydrated since you haven’t consumed any liquids for hours. If you wake up and your brain is feeling sluggish and foggy, reaching for a cup of tea can help in more ways than one. Whether you prefer oolong, white, green, or black tea, they all contain flavonoids, which are natural antioxidants found in plants known to be great for jumpstarting your metabolism first thing in the morning.

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Tea also supports the digestive system, which means that it can be good, or right after a hearty meal. Most tea drinkers recommend doing so about fifteen to twenty minutes after a meal, however, since many of your favorite teas do contain caffeine, drinking tea usually isn’t recommended after dinner. That’s when you should try herbal teas, such as chamomile, which can help you wind down after a long day at work and can even help to promote a better night’s rest. Bonus: you could even add alcohol to your tea for a nice nightcap.

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If you’re not a fan of herbal teas and you’re really craving black, oolong, or green tea, you can prepare the tea using cold water. Cold brew tea has significantly less caffeine than tea that is brewed hot.

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Match Your Tea For The Weather 

Does drinking a piping hot cup of tea in the dead of summer sound like a great idea? Probably not.

Instead, try matching the tea you’re drinking with the current weather conditions. White teas and other less oxidized teas offer a type of cooling effect, whether the tea is served hot or iced.

The cooling effects of herbal, white and green tea can help to balance the body against the hot weather conditions. This makes them both a great hot tea in the summertime. 

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Once the weather starts turning a little colder, you may want to stick with teas that can help warm up your body. In colder weather, black tea is usually the best choice. If you love oolong teas, choose a darker blend.

The Perfect Tea For Any Situation

We’ve gone over what type of tea you should drink based on season and the time of day, but there are some teas that are always good, no matter the occasion. But is there the perfect tea to drink at the office, or one that can pump you up right before a workout? You can drink peppermint tea anytime. If you want a warm or iced beverage in the morning that won’t give you the jitters, then peppermint is for you. If you are hoping it will aid in digestion or relieve bloating, then take it after your meals. As a bonus, peppermint tea is also great just for relaxing, so you may also enjoy a cup in the afternoon, or at night before bed.

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Final Thoughts

There are so many teas for every single one of life’s moments, and we are glad to carry almost all of them at Firebelly Tea. Whether you want to be refreshed,, to revitaize or simply to relax, we hav the tea for you.


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